UX Engineer

We’re looking for an engaging and personable individual for our technology start-up!

Trueform is transforming the way tech products are sold. Our brick-and-mortar retail locations let consumers see and touch the latest new tech, while receiving in-depth demonstrations from expert staffers. Best of all, shoppers can then buy however they like—in-store or online.

In short, trueform is the new way to retail in an online world.

Our team is human – considerate, approachable, hungry, loyal and accountable. We are passionate about technology, geeky about our data, and excited to be pioneering a different approach to the end-consumer shopping experience.

Work closely with the business team, CTO and Director of Design & Product to understand the business requirements. Collaborate with the team to generate the right data sets, and analyze them with various statistics and machine learning tools such as regression, chi2 test, trees, SVM, nueral networks, clustering etc. Understand the concepts of probability, bias, deviation, regularization and know how to validate the model and apply various regularizations to improve the overall accuracy.

UX Engineers have a strong understanding of UX Design and are capable of designing low to high fidelity interfaces. This generally requires graphic design skills to quickly create wireframes and/or prototypes.

UX Design takes a more objective approach by designing specifically around user’s needs and validating design ideas via user testing. In general, to be effective with design, UX Engineers must: Possess knowledge in the following areas:

  • Design Patterns

  • Design Principles

  • Concepts

  • Graphic Design

  • Usability

Engage in the following activities:

  • User Research

  • Detail / Analysis

  • User Stories

  • Wireframes

  • Prototypes

  • User Testing

  • Iterate

  • UI Design / Style / Create

Use the following tools:

  • Adobe Suite (XD, Illustrator, Photoshop)

  • Sketch


In addition to strong design skills, UX Engineers are also expected to construct the interfaces they design. In most cases, this requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are the most common languages for front-end development. Many companies also require UX Engineers to be familiar with a JavaScript framework, particularly jQuery, AngularJS or ReactJS. In general, to be effective with development, UX Engineers must: Possess knowledge in the following areas:

  • Agile Development

  • Accessibility

  • Frameworks

  • Components

  • Systems

  • Environment

Engage in the following activities:

  • Build / Code / Programming

  • Front-End Engineering

  • Execution

  • JavaScript Testing

Posses the following technical skills:

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JS / JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • Angular

  • React

  • Node

  • Git

  • Statistics

  • Python (pandas, numpy, scikit-learn and matplotlib

Who you are

  • To be effective with both design & development – Must Possess an understanding of:

    • Best Practices

    • Verbal / Communication

    • Standards

    • Specifications

    • Architecture

  • Engage in the following activities:

    • Feedback

    • Documentation

    • Flows

    • Integration

    • Planning

    • Process

    • Write

    • Collaborate

    • Lead

    • Scrum

  • Wake up excited to explore the intersection of data analysis and business development.

  • Have working experiences in medium to large data analysis projects based on Python, scikit-learn, panda, numpy etc.

  • Experience with various statistics and machine learning technologies such as regression, chi2 test, trees, SVM, nueral networks, clustering etc.

  • Have a strong understanding of probability, bias, deviation, regularization and know how to validate the model and apply various regularizations to improve the overall accuracy.

  • Apply your data-rich, evolving skill set in a fast-paced, tech-forward start-up environment with like-minded individuals.

  • He/she should prioritize tasks based on very dynamic business requirements and make sure to meet the overall business requirements, again, under the guidance of the dev lead.

  • The Data Analyst should be able to understand our core business values, be highly self-motivated and always willing to learn new technologies.

  • He/she should be able to come up with ideas that can enhance the values we provide to our clients, and quickly prototype and verify the ideas if necessary, together with the team.

What you'll do

  • Data Analysis – Performing end-to-end data analysis flow including:

    • Data Collection?

    • Data Cleaning?

    • Data Engineering / Machine Learning

  • Collaborate with all departments across the organization, but especially with business development, product, design and software engineer teams to navigate day-to-day tasks,

  • Support a variety of teams with ad-hoc analyses that transform raw data into meaningful and impactful insights.

  • Dig into the questions being asked by our business partners, suggest appropriate metrics, and develop a plan to analyze the data.

  • Developing familiarity with our business, applications, and data, as well as our company’s key metrics.

  • Work on the following:

    • Web Applications / Apps

    • Platforms

    • Features

    • User Interface

The Requirements

  • 1-3 years of Work Experience, negotiable to include current students who are enrolled in an analytical discipline.

  • Passion for data, research, HCI, user experience, creative story telling, story boarding .

  • A genuine interest in business, start-up culture, technology, retail, or related field.


Trueform is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to equal opportunity without regard to age, race, religion, color, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, disability, pregnancy, maternity, marriage, civil partnership, citizenship, disability, or any other basis of discrimination prohibited by applicable law.

Woodinville, WA


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