Tile | Tile Slim

Tile | Tile Slim

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Our thinnest Bluetooth tracker, Slim is ideal for wallets, passports and anything else with a thin profile.

Find your things fast
To find anything you put a Tile on, just open the app. Ring it if it's nearby. Check the map for its last known location. Or ask the Tile community to help you find it.

No maintenance ever
Tile engineered each and every prodcut to run an entire year without an ounce of upkeep. No charging. No replacing batteries. No nothing. And when it’s time for a new product, the Tile replacement program lets you upgrade yours at a discount, so you'll always have the best finding technology at your fingertips.

Find your phone
Phones are easy to misplace. Tile makes them easy to find. Just press your Tile twice to make your phone ring even when it's on silent. You can even log into our website to find it on a map or make it ring.


  • As thin as two credit cards.

  • Up to 100 ft. in Bluetooth LE

  • 99% Recyclable

  • Sound: 88 decibel melody

  • Size (mm): 54 x 54 x 2.4

  • Weight: 6.1g

  • Water resistant: Up to IP57 standards

  • Battery life: One year from shipment

  • Battery: Engineered to be as small as possible, every Tile contains a custom power source that lasts one full year. At the end of that year, you can renew your Tile with our reTile program.

  • Charging: None

  • Keyring hole: No

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Meet the world's thinnest Bluetooth tracker, Tile Slim. Smaller than the Tile Mate, yet just as powerful, Tile Slim is as thin as two credit cards making it perfect for pockets, wallets, passports and more. Should you lose one of your Tile-protected items, just use the Tile App on your phone or iPad to locate your lost item.