SOL Smart Home | SOL-ONE Smart Air

SOL Smart Home | SOL-ONE Smart Air


With the help of SOL Smart Home’s innovative and stylish multifunctional modular environment conditioning device, you may improve the comfort of your personal environment – and by that, the quality of your life. Uniquely, this device fulfills more functions simultaneously.


You can automate fan speed, scenting frequency, and mood lights too. Use them wisely to completely automate your 24/7 smart home care device.

Check on the air quality index

Checking the air quality of your room often can reveal many things and you can learn from it to have much better air composition inside.

Physiological therapy

Combining the scenting and mood light features can make SOL-ONE the center of attention at home. Experiment with different colors and scents to have the most desired atmosphere.


SOL-ONE only needs a small amount of maintenance, but it requires it regularly. Notifications will help you to clean or change the filter and refill the water bowl whenever needed.

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SOL-ONE Multifunctional Modular Environment Conditioning Device.