SOL Smart Home | SOL-ONE Smart Air

SOL Smart Home | SOL-ONE Smart Air


Also available to purchase at our Bellevue Square location.

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  • Weight: 3.5 kg

  • Dimensions: 250 mm x 250 mm x 360 mm

  • Body material: hand crafted porcelain + precious wood

  • Airflow rate: 50 - 250 m3/h

  • Noise level: > 43.5 dB

What’s in the box?

  • 1x SOL-ONE body

  • 1x Ionizer unit

  • 1x perfume vaporizer unit

  • 2x 4ml scenting perfumes

  • 1x filter

  • 1x power supply

  • SOL-remote app

Smart air care device.

With the help of SOL Smart Home’s innovative and stylish multi-functional modular environment conditioning device, you may improve the comfort of your personal environment – and by that, the quality of your life. Uniquely, this device fulfills more functions simultaneously.

Smart operation

The SOL-ONE Smart Air Care device can be controlled by any smartphone or tablet. Air management in your hands. Easy and efficient!

Air care

Operating silently with an advanced filter and low operational costs, it is efficient and quiet while it’s working, and it is able to slightly humidify the air.

Patented “multi-level” air purification

Emitting 20 million negative ions in a second makes your air 99% bacteria free. Having negative ions in the air has beneficial effects on the self-healing ability.

Air scenting

Offers you a wide variety of interchangeable scents. Using the scenting device with SOL-ONE can also inject fragrances into the released purified air.

Mood lights

Gives you the option to harmonize the mood-lighting color with 8,000 tones to choose from. Research has proven that colors have mood-changing and spirit-lifting effects.