Quip | Electric Toothbrush Starter Set

Quip | Electric Toothbrush Starter Set


Get and gift 3 month starter sets and refill plans tailored to you and your loved one!


  • Day 1 – quip electric brush, travel cover mount

  • 3 months – brush head, AAA battery 

Subscription Refill Plan
This product contains a subscription plan that is billed on a recurring 3-month basis. The recurring payment is separate from your up-front payment and can be canceled at any time. There are never shipping costs for subscription items. 

Aluminum Handle 
Precision CNC'd aluminum handle is bead blasted by machine and anodized to endure a lifetime of cleaning. 

Electric Motor
The electric motor vibrates at an industry standard 15,000 RPM to provide a thorough yet non-damaging cleaning action. The Motor pulses every 30 seconds to help you evenly clean your teeth and gums and cuts out at 2 minutes to let you know when to stop. Our motor runs on a Rechargeable or Replaceable AAA Battery. The battery will last the same 3 months as your brush head. When replacing the brush head, you can simply slide out the battery and replace with a fully charged/ fresh one (if you are on a refill plan we supply a fresh AAA every 3 months). 

Soft Bristle Brush Head
Our brush head contains 1,200 soft DuPont nylon bristles inserted into 34 tufts to give each tooth a gentle cleaning. We do not and will not supply Medium or Hard (or “green”) bristles as they can be damaging to teeth and gums. Please consult with your dentist if you usually purchase medium or hard bristles. 

Travel Cover Mount
Travel cover mounts to any glossy surface with firm pressure to keep your toothbrush neatly stored away from other surfaces and bacteria. The rear of the cover contains a suction strip that acts like a suction cup to allow the cover to attach and detach to any clean dry glossy surface such as mirror, glass or tiling. If storing in a shower, we recommend you do not stick it within the reach of the water.


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Get the quip electric toothbrush set from $25: http://getquip.com/yt A short story to illustrate why we decided to create quip.