PROPELLA | Propella Electric Bike

PROPELLA | Propella Electric Bike


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Elegant and lightweight pedal-assist bicycle.

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Commute or exercise, your choice!

An elegant urban bicycle, plus a powerful boost on hills and long trips!

Choose your pedal assist level from the control display and enjoy the extra power! Electric assist turns on when you start pedaling and automatically turns off when you stop.

Level 0 provides no assist. Level 1 is subtle asist, and Level 5 provides maximim power and speed.

  • Compact and Portable Battery
    Remobable with anti-theft lock
    3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)
    Samsung Li-ion Cells
    2.5 hour recharge time
    20-40 mile range

  • Quiet and Reliable Motor
    The hub-motor is seamlessly installed into the rear wheel and provides a powerful boost for hill climbing and effortless pedeling at up to 18 mph top speed.

  • Safety and Visability
    Reflective Tire Lines
    Automatic Power Cut- Off Brake Levers
    Rainproof Components
    Disc Brakes

  • Look and Feel of a Traditional Bike
    Propella's mission is to add value to a traditional bike with a seamless integration of electric assist. This means no compromise in all the benefits of a non-electric bike
  • Strong, But Light Frame
    Aluminum Alloy Frame

  • Preium Replaceable Parts
    Shimano Kenda Bafang Samsung Lasco
  • Compatible with Common Racks, and Fenders

  • One-Year Warranty
  • 36 volt 7ah removable battery

  • 250 watt hub motor

  • 18mph (29km/hr) top speed

  • 34.5 lbs. (15.6kg)

  • 2.5 hour charge time

  • 20-40 mile pedal assist range

  • Breaks: Shimano Tx-805 Mechanical Disc (front & rear)

  • Tires: Kenda 700C x 32
    50-80 psi