Oru Kayak | Beach LT

Oru Kayak | Beach LT


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High performance kayaks that fit in your closet.

Oru Kayaks can go just about anywhere—all thanks to origami. Going from box to boat takes just minutes. On the water they’re lightweight, sturdy and durable.

The Beach LT

Designed to make the outdoors more accessible, we're pretty sure the Beach LT is the world's easiest collapsible boat to put together. Perfect for both beginners and experts, it's ideal for a casual paddle on calm water, spontaneous day trips, and sharing with friends and family. Built with simplicity in mind, it still exceeds our usual high standards of strength and durability. And of course, it's as easy on the eyes as it is on the water. 


  • Folds up into the size of a large portfolio or suitcase

  • Stash it pretty much anywhere: your trunk, closet, boat, garage, van, even under your bed

  • With practice, it can be setup in under 5 minutes

  • Standard accessories fit into the folded up boat


  • Made of 5mm double-layered custom-extruded polypropylene

  • Lightweight and extraordinarily strong

  • Manufacturer-rated for 20,000 fold cycles

  • 10-year UV treatment

  • Withstands sliding over rocks or bumping into obstacles under the water

  • One-year warranty


  • 26lbs., making it less than half the weight of a traditional kayak

  • 300 lb weight capacity, allowing room for 1 adult + a pet or small child

  • 28" width for increased stability and comfort

  • Wide cockpit for easy entry and exit