Neo Smartpen | Ncode A4

Neo Smartpen | Ncode A4

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Ncode A4 (PaperTube) is one unique video production tool which allows you to produce own personal video easily and conveniently by storing real-time screen and handwritten data simultaneously.

Just share your own story built around your own thoughts and information by using Neo Smartpen (M1 and N2) & PaperTube!

PaperTube package: Ncode A4 product package is composed of Ncoded paper for a blueprint, smartphone stand, and PaperTube controllers.

Ncode A4 Paper: You can use a blank notebook or you can create your own template by using your own formats as background. Your own template can be printed with Ncode A4 paper using blueprint function.

PaperTube Controller: Paper remote control, the PaperTube controller which can let you select various effects on PaperTube app screen just by touching with Neo smartpen, is an essential item which helps you create more professional and eye-catching video throughout the entire video production process.

Paper Cradle: Paper Cradle is a equipment for smartphone stand.

  • 50 sheets of paper
  • 8.27 × 11.69 inches (210 × 297 mm)