Livall | MT1 Smart Bike Helmet

Livall | MT1 Smart Bike Helmet

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Redefine Your Safety with the Award-Winning Bluetooth Cycling Helmet

The MT1 is the perfect smart helmet for mountain biking. It has a wide range of safety features packed into a perfectly-designed helmet.

LED lighting system: The helmet’s LED lighting system meets both CPSC and CE standards for safety, so you can ride safer without a bevvy of accessories.

  • Automatic sensor lighting that is noticeable from quite a distance
  • 270° visible LEDs for better visibility to automobiles and other bicyclists
  • Wireless turn signals for LED lights

Stable Bluetooth connection: Easily pair your helmet to enjoy the multitude of hands-free capabilities.

  • Open speaker design with quality stereo sound to enjoy music while riding
  • Never miss important calls
  • Well-designed for walkie-talkie
  • Take pictures while riding

Automatic SOS alerts: Immediate notification of your accident to your emergency contacts.

  • Connect your helmet with the riding app to ensure timely rescue in case of accidents
  • Helmet emergency signals will turn on
  • SOS signals sent to your emergency contact immediately on impact

Designed with performance in mind: Dynamic outlook and excellent coating perfectly designed to protect in rough environments.

  • There is strengthened protection for the back of the head to prevent injuries during falls.
  • The unique ventilation design effectively improves air cooling and reduces wind resistance.
  • The helmet rim protects against tree branches, prevents water from getting into your eyes, and shields you from strong, direct sunlight.
    • The rim is detachable
  • The nylon strap is stretch resistant and will not be distorted by water or sweat.
  • Weight: ~0.7 lbs (310g)
  • Head circumference: 21.3 to 22.8 in (54 to 58cm)
  • Recommendation applications: bicycling, skateboarding, roller skating, etc.
  • One MT1 Helmet
  • Controller
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Instruction booklet