Keysmart | Pocket Organizer

Keysmart | Pocket Organizer


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Secure and organize all your small stuff with this elastic grid organizer! The smart design. Easily secures inside your Urban21 backpack!

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Organize all your small daily essentials in this zippered, pocket organizer!

It’s like the pencil case you had in grade school. But way more cool and a bit more professional.

What so cool about it? The flexible mesh pockets expand and retract without stretching out, and the aligned zippers stay in place without jingling or dangling.

  • Dedicated pockets for pens, keys, chargers, cards and any other small items

  • Main pocket with magnetic flap and corner padding for iPad or tablet

  • Velcro EasyLock patch to secure inside your Urban21 backpack

  • Slim, stackable design makes it easy to insert or remove from any bag

  • Vertical layout maximizes space so your things aren’t all at the bottom of your bag