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KeySmart | Accessories

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THE ULTIMATE SET OF KEY CHAIN TOOLS: These will be the coolest addition to your keychain ever.

  • NOTHING REPLACES AN OLD-FASHIONED WRENCH AND SCREWDRIVER: That's why we designed the Nano Wrench to be the best portable wrench set. Includes #8, #10, 1/4", M4, M5, and M6 sockets, as well as a flathead screwdriver.

  • MAKE MORE PRECISE MEASUREMENTS: The Nano Ruler allows you to measure down to 1/4 inch. Perfect for quick measurements that you would have done mentally otherwise.

  • SECURELY CLIP YOUR KEYSMART OR KEYCHAIN TO ANYTHING: The Nano Clip is strong enough to hold firmly to any material, and easy to disconnect when desired.

  • HIGH QUALITY GUARANTEED: All KeySmart products are covered by a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

The Nano Wrench puts an entire set of wrenches and a screwdriver in your pocket. Smaller than a pack of gum, now you can carry a tiny set of functioning tools on your key ring.

The Nano Ruler is the perfect tool for anyone constantly making small measurements. With a length of only 2 inches, the Nano Ruler is portable and is a perfect addition to any key ring.

Mag Connect for quick, secure key attachment to Bag, Purse, and Belt. EASY ACCESS TO YOUR KEYS: No more digging in your pockets or purse to search for your keys! The magnetic keychain dock makes finding your keys quick and easy - saving you time and frustration!

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