Keezel | Premium Service (1 Year)

Keezel | Premium Service (1 Year)


Keezel uses VPN technology to secure your Internet connection and thus greatly improve your online privacy & security.

With Keezel, your data and all other confidential & sensitive information is protected from hackers, online snoopers, your ISP, network admins, and/or government surveillance. Keezel defends you against such dangers as identity, credit card, and password theft, as well as account hijacking.

Feel secure, knowing that Keezel has got your back. Stylish and easy to use. Your Keezel with 1 year of Premium service keeps things amazingly simple. No fuss, just your Keezel and full-on security and speed. You can use your Keezel with all your devices at the same time, no problem. Speed always depends on the WiFi network you tap into (sorry, slow hotel WiFi, will remain slow hotel WiFi), but your Keezel is easily capable of HD video streaming. You can expect speeds in the range of 4-20 Mbps.

After a year, you can continue using premium service at $5 USD a month, or continue using Keezel basic at lower speeds.

Keezel taps into a nearby WiFi connection (in your home, at the coffee shop, hotel or airport). If there is no WiFi around, you can always use a 4G-dongle or ethernet-USB adapter (not included) to enjoy your Keezel.

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