Hidrate | Spark 2.0

Hidrate | Spark 2.0


Hidrate Spark 2.0A Smart Water Bottle - New & Improved - Tracks Water Intake & Glows to Remind You to Stay Hydrated

GLOWS to remind you to stay hydrated.

  • Tracks water intakes and syncs with smartphones (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth.

  • Integrates with Fitbit, Apple Watch, and other activity trackers to adjust your daily water goal to your daily activity level.

  • Holds 24 ounces. Fits in standard cup holder. Bottle cavity and cap dishwasher safe; hand wash sensor stick.

  • Now with improved battery life and improved syncing. No charging needed.

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Quick steps to set up and pair to your Hidrate Spark smart water bottle. Be sure to download our app which is available for free for iOS and Android. Also be sure to turn your bluetooth on and have an internet connection.