SonicGrace | ECO4LIFE Smart Plug Outlet

SonicGrace | ECO4LIFE Smart Plug Outlet

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Control lights, electronics and small appliances from anywhere, or set them to turn on or off at different times of the day.

No Hub Required. Plug-Me Smart is based on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi technology and requires no other hardware to work. All you need is a Wi-Fi Connection to connect your Smart Outlet and you are all set to navigate all features through your Smart Phone. 

Easy to Navigate App: Download the eco4life App from the iOS App Store or the Google Playstore and follow steps as easy as 1-2-3. The eco4life App will allow you to add as many smart outlets as you want to monitor and control. 

Control Anywhere, Anytime. Plug any device into the Plug-Me Smart Outlet by eco4life and be in control anywhere, anytime using your Smart Phone. All it takes is an easy download of the App: Eco4life.

Set Schedules and Multiple Timers. Create Schedules to automatically turn your appliances ON/OFF. You can even set multiple timers on your Scheduling Program.

Let your Voice do the Control. Plug-Me Smart works with voice activation services such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Enjoy even more 'recipes' with IFTTT.

Share Access with Family & Friends. The Eco4Life App allows you to share access with family and friends, allowing for control even if you are sleeping or in a work meeting.

Reliable and Safe. Plug-Me Smart carries all the necessary international standards and certifications such as FCC, ROHS, ETL and cUL. Material is made out of a fire-resistant housing. The Plug-Me Smart outlet is protected and so are you.

Remote Access
Control & monitor your home devices & appliances from virtually anywhere on your phone.

Simple Installation
Just plug smart power outlet into your existing outlet.

Built-in Voice Control
Turn home devices & appliances on/off through voice commands by Amazon Alexa.

Phone or Manual Control
Control home devices& appliances from your phone or control at the wall outlet.

Multiple Timers
Schedule your home devices & appliances around daily routines or sun.

Set Scenes
Control your connected appliances and system by scenes you set, Multiple scenes contain back home, leave home, sunrise, good night.


• Remote Access and Control
• No Hub required
• Voice Command compatible with Alexa and the Google Assistant
• Set schedules that is convenient for the family
• Scene setting as a camouflage for security purposes
• Enjoy more features with IFTTT
• Multiple Timers that you can set on schedule

• Input:120V-AC 60HZ 10A
• Output:120V-AC 10A Total Max
• Output Power:1200W Max
• Wifi:2.4GHZ, IEEE 802.11 b/g/m
• Working Temperature & Humidity: -25℃ - +40℃/10%-90%
• APP Support:Android and IOS