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Click & Grow | Plant Pods


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Grow the freshest herbs, salad greens, and even fruit, right on your kitchen counter

No gardening skills required

Create your perfect indoor herb garden with Click & Grow’s easy to use pre-seeded biodegradable plant pods with Smart Soil technology. Choose from a variety of herbs, flowers, leafy greens, and more.

Compatible with the Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 and Smart Garden 9.

Get started in just three simple steps:

  1. Insert the capsules. Our plant capsules are biodegradable and contain no harmful chemicals.

  2. Add water. The Smart Garden has a 1 L water tank, which holds enough water for a whole month.

  3. Plug it in. Thanks to its energy efficient LED lighting system, the Smart Garden only consumes 8W of power.


  • Chilli Pepper

  • Mini Tomato

  • Wild Strawberry

  • Basil

  • Peppermint

  • Parsley

  • Yellow Pepper

  • Lavender

  • Painted Nettle

  • Experimental

  • Lettuce

  • Thyme

  • Cockscomb

  • Sweet Alyssum

  • Catnip

  • Holy Basil