AstroReality | Solar System Mini Set

AstroReality | Solar System Mini Set


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High Quality Recreations Utilizing NASA Data

Each planetary model is crafted and designed to utilize the highest quality renderings of the planets. Each model is precisely made with up to 0.1millimeters per pixel precision based on NASA data.

  • The planets in your hands.
    Explore the solar system with Solar System Mini featuring all the planets plus Pluto. The planets are 3 cm models and are precision made using 3D printing technology.

  • Augmented reality for Solar System Mini Set
    Bring your solar system model to life with the augmented reality app. It is packed with information and lets you explore space scenery, planetary features, and more.

  • Micro-precision
    Every planet in the solar system has character. We translate that character onto every mini model, giving you the opportunity to experience the solar system up close.

  • Be inspired
    Space exploration and discovery is exciting, and it captures the imagination.

  • Crafted
    Each planet in the Solar System Mini Set is created with an unrivaled attention to detail and expert precision.

  • Enhancing the experience
    Use the Augmented Reality app, AstroReality, to enhance the experience by adding additional features to the planets, like the atmosphere of the Earth or the rings around Saturn.

  • Weight: 16 g

  • Diameter: 30 mm

  • Material: VisiJet PXL

  • Grain: High resolution

  • Technology: Color printing

  • Printing resolution: 0.1 mm per pixel

  • Coating application: 3D print

  • AR experience: Marker recognition space simulation

  • Painting: Distressed textural painting + protection

  • From your device, launch the AstroReality App. Your camera will need to be on. The device must be connected to the internet.

  • Tap the button in the middle of the bottom bar.

  • Scan the QR code on the manual. Your Solar System Mini Set will have come with a unique QR code. Make sure you keep the QR code safe.

  • Start exploring the solar system in augmented reality. Hold the device about 20 cm from the model to get the best results.