About Us

Knock knock? Who's there...



Yea, it's spelled with the first letter of a few of our team members' first names.  (Plus a second "H."  Any Heathers looking for work?)



Ben Ayzenberg
SW Engineer


Eric Large
Lead SW Architect


Ovi Parasca
SW Engineer


Ying Chang

Denis Cook
CEO & Co-Founder


Sterling Large


Tania Leonova-Vendrovska
SW Engineer


Eric Hseuh
Keeper of the Books


Scottie Lau
Director of Service Design


Michael Smith


Dr. Ning Jiang, PhD
CTO & Co-Founder


Hannah Murphy
Director of Partnerships


Yahir Rodriguez
"Lab" Manager

Be your own customer.

We operate our flagship retail "lab" using the platform and tools we developed for our partner brands and retailers.  If we don't find them useful, who will?

Think long term.

We're in the business of innovation and that necessarily requires us to take a long-term view.  Meaningful change occurs gradually then suddenly.

Iterate daily.

We improve our technology stack and individual skillsets every day.

Widen the circle.

Opportunities, challenges and shit-shows are best addressed in groups.